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In top news from the past week, the fight over defunding police departments in Texas continues: Gov. Greg Abbott is proposing that if cities cut funding for their police departments, they will “forever lose” their annexation powers, and any areas and residents that have been annexed in the past will have the ability to vote to undo the move.

The announcement follows a similar proposal state leaders unveiled last month that would freeze Texas cities’ property tax revenue if they defund their police forces. Last month’s proposal came just a week after the Austin City Council unanimously voted to redirect roughly $150 million from the city’s police department — with about $20 million to be immediately removed.

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If Texas cities cut police budgets, they'll lose annexation powers, governor proposes
The announcement follows a similar proposal state leaders unveiled last month that would freeze Texas cities’ property tax revenue if they defund their police forces
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Ark. school board approves plan to hire paramedics as substitute school nurses
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