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As the pandemic shows no signs of abating — and indeed, some of the hardest hit states are now walking back reopening plans in an attempt to slow the spread — state and local governments are facing an even more dire economic future.

While a recent survey conducted by the National League of Cities found that 65% of cities are being forced to delay or completely cancel capital expenditures and infrastructure projects in the wake of COVID-related budget shortfalls, another report from Moody's Analytics indicates that hundreds of billions of dollars in federal aid will be required to avoid 4 million public sector layoffs.

Also, data journalist Megan Wells breaks down the numbers regarding how the pandemic is wreaking havoc on the U.S. food chain, and how local action can help mitigate some of these impacts.

And as hate crimes are on the rise in communities across the country, Gov1 Editor Andrea Fox shares some key response strategies for civic leaders.

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Report: Minimum of $120B in state, local aid needed to avert 4 million layoffs
The silver lining is that the report from Moody's Analytics indicates significantly less money is needed than what's being called for by House Democrats
Minneapolis police chief, mayor launching policy changes
Pandemic may worsen Maine's EMS shortage, experts say
When facial recognition gets it wrong: Detroit man demands answers from police
FEMA announces grant options for civil unrest expenses
Businesses sue Seattle over 'occupied' protest zone
Finally, a Budget Book That's Affordable
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Webinar: Best Practices for Building Rich Conversational Experiences for Your Constituents
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How COVID-19 is breaking the food chain
By Megan Wells 
As prices of food continue to rise, and shortages become a possibility, there is a growing need for government and consumer assistance to keep food banks stocked, farms active, and food chains secure
How can civic leaders respond to hate crimes?
By Andrea Fox 
Hate crimes are on the rise for some groups; the ADL advises on essential community responses and strategies communities can take when hate hits home
Why rethinking police arbitration laws may be key to rebuilding community rapport
Experts say arbitration, the appeals process used by law enforcement agencies, can block any meaningful policing reform by keeping problem officers on the job
Is your family ready for a disaster?
By Greg Friese, MS, NRP 
Take these actions to help prepare your family in case of a natural disaster, so that you are able to help others
6 more big box store community grant opportunities
By Kenny Sokan 
These grants support nonprofits working in education, housing, health and human services, nutrition, workforce preparedness, arts and culture and more
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